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We don't charge anything from the recruits. Our aim is to contribute in the employment sector of the nation and work towards the betterment of people. Candidates do not have to make any payment to us.       For us, opening doors of opportunity to every sphere of the society comes foremost. So, we offer our services for FREE and DO NOT CHARGE ANY FEE from the applicants.
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Welcome to Zanthox Consultancy Pvt.Ltd.

We are extremely content to introduce ourselves as a leading recruitment company. Our professional approach to recruit the best workforce has led us to develop some great national corporate relations. In a nation like India, there are several job opportunities existing and also upcoming which requires being explored. This is exactly what we are doing by bridging the gap between a potential job seeker and their proper match company.

We determine that every company gets the best workforce from us. Zanthox Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. also has overseas clients in The United Kingdom, Canada, Africa, UAE, Mauritius and Maldives and has plans to elaborate their strategic-professional tie-ups.

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Our Services

India is a developing country; hence the economy or professional sector deserves nothing less than the best! And this is what Zanthox Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. believes. Our aim is to serve our clients with a perfect team of employees that will benefit them for the supreme extent of growth and development. Not just this, we also certify the authenticity of the company as well as the candidates to leave no room for mistakes.

While focusing on our professional standard of delivering work, our company also makes it a point to follow ideal work ethics. Our manpower for every company is well skilled to breakthrough business opportunities to enhance the companys glory.

We understand the importance of overseas recruitment and deliver best possible manpower. Your company deserves to reach the heights of glory and Zanthox Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is here to back you up. Our Company is equipped to suffice all your needs to meet your business prospect. We are strategically well equipped to serve a business overseas with highly skilled Indian manpower.

Along with this, we provide immigration guidance and advice to make the entire process run more smoothly. Presently, Zanthox Consultancy Pvt. Ltd is dealing with numerous leading overseas companies and planning to extend our business alliances more. When it comes to Comprehensive HR services, you can count on us.

When we provide a workforce to any company, our first priority is to ensure that all the candidates are well skilled in fitting the requirement. The process of analyzing their competence level is done by holding critical assessments to judge the applicants skill. They are usually asked to perform in the area of their expertise like – For workers, they are asked to fix and fit pipes.

Not only that, to confirm there is absolutely no mistakes, third party inspection is held. There is a support team to help and guide potential candidates, conduct assessments, check proper language and communication. We are assertive that every candidate sent by us, proves worthy of the company.

Why Choose Us

If you are searching for a competent consultancy who can serve all your purposes with better efficiency; Zanthox Consultancy Pvt. Ltd is the right place for you.

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Tips & Advices

Zanthox Consultancy Pvt. Ltd believes that a company can never run one-sidedly. It is rather the mutual bond shared between the employers and employees, which create a space of enthusiasm and inspiration to work better.

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Sector We Serve

  • 1. Advertising & Travel Sector   
  • 2. Banking Sector   
  • 3. Construction and Real Estate Sector  
  • 4. Fabrication and Erection Industry   
  • 5. Hospitality  
  • 6. Human Resource & BPO Sector   
  • 7. Information Technology Sector   
  • 8. Medical & Hospital Sector  
  • 9. Manufacturing Industry   
  • 10. Oil Fields & Refineries  
  • 11. Oil and Gas Industry  
  • 12. Petrochemical Industry  
  • 13. Pharmacy & Education Sector  
  • 14. Power Plant Industry  
  • 15. Shipping and Logistics  
  • 16. Telecommunication Sector  

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